Parenting Concerns?

Are you frustrated with your child’s behavior problems? Is your child expressing anxiety, fear, or loneliness? Are you questioning if you are an effective parent? Are you finding yourself feeling discouraged and powerless?

Is your child:

  • not listening to you?
  • hitting, fighting, or having problems making friends?
  • having frequent temper tantrums?
  • overcome with worries or fears?
  • often feeling sad or withdrawing from people or activities?

Is your child having difficulty responding to stressful events such as:

  • birth of a sibling?
  • death of a grandparent?
  • moving to a new home?
  • difficulty at a new school?
  • teasing and bullying in the classroom?
  • death of a pet?
  • divorce of parents?
  • car accident?
  • illness or hospitalization?

As a parent, are you:

  • concerned that your child’s behavioral or emotional problems may escalate?
  • feeling powerless or that you are being controlled by your child?
  • frustrated with your child’s behaviors or emotions?
  • discouraged after receiving unsatisfactory reports about your child from teachers or other adults?

Children may act out with inappropriate or problem behaviors, or become anxious or withdrawn for no apparent reason. It is common for a child to encounter stressful events or circumstances that may lead to these behaviors. As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child, but you may not know what to do or you sense that you may be using ineffective or unhealthy parenting approaches.