My Qualifications

Welcome to my private practice and The Art of Family website! I am delighted that you are exploring my services and I welcome the opportunity to begin a new professional relationship with you and your family. Finding the right therapist is an important venture and professional qualifications and experience are essential. As my About Kathy page describes, I provide experienced therapy and counseling services for children as well as adolescents, adults and elderly.

My specialty is working with children. However, since parents are the most important people in the lives of children, I also enjoy working closely and collaboratively with parents to help them feel more confident and satisfied in their relationships with their children. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction seeing children progress from being anxious, withdrawn, or angry to becoming more content, confident, and satisfied with themselves and their environments.

As a parent of three grown children myself, I can understand your feelings and concerns because I have pushed through some challenging parenting situations myself. Some of my strongest qualities include being genuinely friendly, empathetic, positive, patient, along with having a sense of humor in my relationships with both children and adults. These qualities help my clients feel safe and comfortable in a counseling session.

Additionally, I am an independent facilitator of the Love and Logic® curricula, a 30-year proven parenting program that successfully guides parents in the art of developing skills and strategies for improved parenting outcomes. Through my Strategic Parenting organization, I offer classroom settings with other parenting specialists dedicated to teaching parents that raising families can be fun and rewarding, rather than stressful and chaotic. This curricula and education classes are described further on my Services page. Stay tuned for our exciting new workshops and special events.