Is your child…
not listening to you?

Is your child…
overcome with worries or fears?

Is your child…
hitting, fighting or out of control?

Parenting Concerns?

Are you frustrated with your child’s behavior problems? Is your child expressing anxiety, fear, or loneliness? Are you questioning if you are an effective parent? Are you finding yourself feeling powerless? read more

There Are Solutions!

The good news is that through appropriate and effective child, parent and family counseling, something CAN be done to overcome issues and conflicts and see improved behaviors within the family! read more

My Qualifications

Welcome to my private practice and The Art of Family website! I am delighted that you are exploring my services and I welcome the opportunity to begin a new professional relationship with you and your family. read more

Your Next Steps

Contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your current concerns. Together we can determine how we might work together to help both you and your child. I can be reached by telephone at 760-505-8463 read more